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Flexible working for parents and parental care leave

If you employ workers with children or with care responsibilities, you might receive requests for flexible working or be required to give those workers additional unpaid leave to enable them to fulfil their parental or caring responsibilities

Flexible working for those with parental responsibility

Any employee with parental responsibility for a child of 16 or under, or a disabled child under 18, has the right to apply to you to work flexibly, provided that they have the qualifying length of service (26 continuous weeks) and have not made another application within the preceding 12 months. If you agree, the new arrangements continue even after your employee’s child reaches 16 or 18. You can agree a trial period.

Applicants can be biological parents, adopters, foster parents and legal guardians. They can also be spouses or same-sex partners of any of the above, if they have parental responsibility for the child.

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