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Holding a disciplinary hearing

  1. Gather the facts - the allegation, evidence, and the employee's past record.
  2. Try to resolve the issue informally first. If this does not work, raise the matter formally without delay.
  3. Inform the employee in writing, explaining the reason for the hearing and when it will take place; allow the employee at least three working days' notice to prepare a case.
  4. Arrange for any witnesses, or evidence you or the employee want to present at the hearing, to be available.
  5. Tell the employee that they can bring a colleague (or union representative) to the hearing.
  6. Review your procedures and make sure they conform to the statutory minimum three-step process.
  7. Prepare yourself to be calm and open-minded throughout the hearing; be ready to adjourn the hearing if tempers become frayed.
  8. Begin the hearing by explaining what will happen; set and keep to an agenda to maintain control of the hearing.

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