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Induction of new employees

    1. Review the new recruit's job description, curriculum and interview notes; identify key training needs.
    2. Prioritise: break down the induction plan into immediate essentials, basics to get the employee started on useful work, and further development.
    3. Set an induction timetable, typically spread over the first month.
    4. Inform team members of the new recruit's start date and role; resolve any potential conflicts.
    5. Appoint a mentor to provide informal support. Consider what part other team members may have in the induction process (eg explaining particular activities).
    6. Prepare a workspace and organise essential equipment: for example, a desk, telephone, computer and basic stationery.
    7. Set up the employee’s computer, passwords, telephone and email; show the recruit how your communication systems work.
    8. Introduce the new recruit to the rest of the team.

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