Moving premises

    1. Start planning well in advance – at least six months before the move if possible; plan to move during a quiet period when no other major disruptions are expected.
    2. Create a small move team, with a nominated move co-ordinator in charge who can delegate specific tasks to other team members.
    3. Create a business as usual team to maintain customer service and key operations during the move; make contingency plans in case of unexpected problems.
    4. Involve a removal contractor from an early stage and confirm exactly what they will do; check that they have suitable insurance.
    5. Arrange any specialist help needed for relocating and reconfiguring IT and telecoms systems (and any other complex equipment).
    6. Prepare an outline programme to control the move; identify the lead time for each task, set target completion dates, and allocate responsibility.
    7. Progress and complete legal transactions to dispose of the old premises and acquire the new premises; arrange any permissions required.

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