Protecting your intellectual property

Protect your businesses intellectual property with information on design rights, trade marks, patents and copyright.

  • Ensure employment and consultancy contracts clearly state your ownership of all intellectual property developed for you.
  • Use patent searches early in the development of new products and processes to establish whether they are already protected by someone else.
  • Keep a log of evidence recording the development of intellectual property: for example, dated and signed copies of drawings and drafts.
  • Keep new inventions secret until you have decided whether their commercial viability justifies the cost of patent protection.
  • Consider alternatives, for example, rapidly capturing a market niche to discourage new competitors.
  • Consider filing an initial patent application to give you the time to develop or sell the idea; contact a patent agent for advice.
  • Contact a trade mark agent for advice on trade mark searches and registration to ensure that any trade mark you develop is properly protected.

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