Setting up a grievance procedure

Ensure you have a written grievance procedure, follow the ACAS code of practice and what not to do.

  • Produce a simple written procedure for employees - written complaint; face-to-face interview; appeal - this should comply with the Acas Code of Practice
  • Give the name or job title of the person employees should contact in the case of a grievance in the written terms of employment.
  • Encourage employees to handle grievances informally - without triggering your formal grievance procedure if possible - but to take them further if necessary.
  • Tell employees they must present a written grievance to their immediate supervisor as the first step of a formal complaint.
  • Arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss the complaint in every case; allow the employee at least three working days' notice to prepare their case.
  • Ensure you respond to any grievance in writing where it is not possible to meet the employee face-to-face (for example, where the employee has already left).
  • Stress the importance of addressing grievances and trying to analyse the root cause of apparently trivial grievances.

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  • In some instances I have just pop there at their office and I have been seen in 15 minutes. is faster then the GP.