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Your marketing database and the law

Ensure your marketing database operates within data protection laws.

  1. Review what data you collect, and why you need it.
  2. Ensure that you do not collect any unnecessary personal data; delete any unnecessary information from your records.
  3. Check whether you need to notify the Information Commissioner about your use of personal data and, if necessary do so.
  4. Train employees on how data protection principles apply to their work.
  5. Make breaches of data security policies and misuse of data disciplinary offences.
  6. Collect information fairly; if in doubt, ask contacts to opt in before adding them to your database.
  7. Include a statement of your privacy policy on your website.
  8. Maintain a 'do not contact' list of individuals and companies who have opted out; check against this list before adding new contacts to your database.
  9. Take steps to ensure that you input data accurately.
  10. If you buy in mailing (or other) lists, ensure that they have been properly screened: for example, checked against the Mailing Preference Service, and that the list broker has obtained the proper opt ins if you want to market to the list electronically.

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