Dealing with a web designer

  1. Decide what your budget and timescales are.
  2. Prepare a thorough brief, providing the background to your business and the web project and explaining what you hope to achieve.
  3. Decide what selection process you will use to choose a designer.
  4. If appropriate, require designers to sign a confidentiality agreement before you reveal project details or any confidential information.
  5. Explain what constraints the designer must work within: for example, matching your existing house style.
  6. Work with the designer to develop a specification; establish as clearly as possible what will constitute an acceptable design.
  7. Agree a timetable; plan interim targets and agree how progress will be regularly reviewed.
  8. Agree what testing will be required during the project and before you accept the completed site design.
  9. Establish what will happen if the project starts to run late.
  10. Establish what will happen if you want to modify the specification once the project has started.

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