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FAQ: Holidays and unpaid and statutory leave

This FAQ covers holiday entitlement for your employees and when they can and can't take it.

Lisa Clark answers the following frequently asked questions:

  1. Do we have to pay for time off on bank holidays, as well as 5.6 weeks' annual leave?
  2. How do we calculate average weekly pay for holiday pay purposes? Do we have to include overtime?
  3. Do we have to give paid holiday time to casual workers, for example temps? What if they are only with us for a week or ten days?
  4. An employee has recently returned to work after four months' sick leave. Now they say they're entitled to their full 5.6 weeks' paid holiday for the year. Are they?
  5. Someone is leaving, five months into the year, after taking holiday entitlement for the full year. Can we claim the money back?
  6. Do we have to allow people to take forward unused holiday?
  7. What should we do if someone consistently refuses to take their full holiday entitlement?

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The article above was written with considerations from Corporate Law tutors in Lancaster and Commercial Law advisors based in Wigan. In relation to the article above our solicitors who serve areas such as Southport, are able to offer expert legal advice on this subject.

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