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FAQ: Maternity issues and smp

This FAQ covers who is entitled to maternity leave and pay and how much, managing and dismissing pregnant employees.

Lisa Clark answers the following frequently asked questions:

  1. Am I allowed to ask a woman at a job interview whether she is or intends to become pregnant?
  2. A new employee has just announced she is pregnant. Surely we can just dismiss her?
  3. We have a part-timer who has just announced that she is pregnant. What is she entitled to?
  4. Do I have any obligations in respect of a pregnant employee's health and safety?
  5. I've got a pregnant employee who seems to be permanently sick. How much time off do I have to give her?
  6. Do I have to put up with a pregnant employee who keeps on disappearing for maternity appointments?
  7. What do we have to give mothers (and fathers) by way of leave, and do we have to pay them for it?
  8. An employee who has only recently joined us has announced that she is pregnant. Is she entitled to maternity leave?
  9. When can an employee start ordinary maternity leave?
  10. I only have three employees. If one of them disappears on maternity leave, I don't have to keep her job available for her, do I?
  11. We can't function without someone doing the job that a pregnant employee is currently doing. Can we take on a replacement?

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