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FAQ: Your firm and the data protection act

This FAQ covers the implications of data protection for your business and when and how to notify the Information Commissioner.

Paul Ridehalgh answers the following frequently asked questions:

  1. Do we need to bother about the data protection legislation? What impact could it have on us?
  2. What does registering ('notifying') involve?
  3. What are the penalties likely to be, if we haven't notified when we should have done?
  4. How do the authorities decide who gets 'assessed'?
  5. We hear there are scams involving notification. How can we tell if the correspondence we have received is genuine?
  6. Someone working for one of our sub-contractors now wants copies of all the information we have in which his name appears. Do we have to provide it?
  7. Some of our customer records are still held in paper form. Are they covered by the Data Protection Act?
  8. Do we really have to get our customers to agree that we can send them marketing information?
  9. Do we have to get our customers to agree if we want to sell our mailing lists or disclose customer details to third parties?
  10. What do we have to do, if we want to use a third party to do payroll processing or direct mail marketing for us?

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