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Frequently Asked Questions in Family Law

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  • Divorce and children

    Divorce involving children is a painful and often messy process. Disputes can quickly escalate and the divorce process can become bitter and acrimonious. Despite this, parents must try to put aside their disagreements and put the needs of the children first

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  • Divorce settlements

    The break-up of your relationship, family and home in a divorce is almost inevitably traumatic and stressful. Concerns about finances can make the process more unpleasant and complicated. You should aim to negotiate a divorce settlement that provides for each of you and any dependents

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  • Divorce process

    Whether you are using a solicitor or trying to manage the divorce process yourself, it helps to know what's involved in the divorce process. As well as ending the marriage, you'll want to sort out financial issues and any childcare arrangements. And you need to understand what you can agree between yourselves and when you need to involve the divorce court

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  • Passing your business on to your family FAQs

    18 FAQs people ask about passing their business onto their family

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  • Family businesses FAQs

    22 FAQs people ask about family businesses.

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