Also in the news this week - 23 September 2016

Office life in numbers

The average office worker will drink 24,684 cups of tea, fall out with colleagues 479 times and send 400,816 emails during their working lifetime. They spend more than 13 minutes a day searching for missing paperwork despite tidying their desks on a weekly basis and their average commute is 29 minutes long. These are the findings of new research by Avery looking at how people organise their time; Avery has launched an online guide to getting organised at home and in the office.

Don't be put off by tattoos says Acas

Almost one in three young people has a tattoo and yet many employers are still negative about visible tattoos when it comes to hiring new staff, according to Acas. Stephen Williams, Acas head of equality, said: "Businesses are perfectly within their right to have rules around appearance at work but these rules should be based on the law where appropriate, and the needs of the business, not managers' personal preferences. A dress code that restricts people with tattoos might mean companies are missing out on talented workers." Acas' dress code guidance has been updated and is available on the Acas website.

Understanding the over-50s consumer

The Mature Marketing Summit takes place in London on 11 October. Organised by the Mature Marketing Association (MMA), the conference offers networking opportunities as well as the chance to listen to expert speakers on best practice in marketing to older (50+) consumers. "The so-called mature market consists of an increasingly large, complex and diverse group of consumers, which marketers have yet to understand fully," said Mark Beasley, MMA chairman. "The UK has an ageing population and within 20 years the number of people aged over 65 will have increased by 50%."

Twitter count is relaxed … a bit

You can still only use 140 characters when writing a tweet but Twitter has now brought in new rules that mean non-text content, such as images, GIFs and videos, don't count towards your 140 characters - they used to use up 23 characters. Also worth noting is that quote tweets don't count either now - but links do still count.

  • Miss Alexander was extremely professional; courteous and friendly making the preparation of wills a smooth process.