Also in the news this week - 7 October 2016

The price of inertia for SMEs

Almost a third of UK small businesses have not changed energy supplier - or their tariff - since 2011, according to new research. Analysis by Love Energy Savings suggests that UK SMEs have lost out on £2.4bn over the past five years by failing to switch gas or electricity supplier. Those that do switch typically save an average of 40% on their energy costs, it says.

Warning over rates revaluations

The current business rate revaluations might not deliver the savings some businesses are expecting, experts have warned. Property specialists Daniel Watney say that centrally set rates will be adjusted to maintain the overall national take from business rates tax, regardless of fluctuations in property values. It means business owners may not see the expected drop in bills once the new multiplier is applied to the rateable value. Associate partner John Elcox said: "The Government has stated repeatedly that it expects to take £27bn annually from the tax and has no plans to reduce this figure."

The close-to-home wellbeing zone

Working near home - but not at home - is key to worker health and happiness according to a new study by Regus. One in seven professionals polled agreed that working closer to home improves health. The survey found that 69% said it means they are more likely to go to the gym while 81% think it allows more time for hobbies. But working at home may not be for everyone, with 87% saying that co-working is less lonely than working from home.

Technology time wasters

The average UK office worker wastes more than 21 days each year because of slow or outdated technology, according to research by Sharp. The biggest time drain reported was searching for files on a server; another big technology time waster was waiting for the printer to work. Eight out of ten respondents said that their workplace is out of date when it comes to technology; and 53% said it was affecting their productivity.

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