Bad management is top reason for staff quitting

Employees are more likely to hand in their notice because of a bad boss than gripes over pay or conditions, according to new research.

A survey of 1,000 UK employees conducted by Crunch Accounting has found that 45% of workers that said they were thinking about leaving named poor leadership as the number one reason for jumping ship.

The research reveals that one third of Brits are currently contemplating leaving their job. Bad bosses outranked pay, stress and commuting amongst the many reasons why people are planning to hand in their resignation.

The survey asked respondents to name the most infuriating habits of their bosses and managers, and found that the worst offenders were indecisive leaders with a lack of clear direction. Those that are reluctant to praise were also singled out, as were micro-managers and bosses who love to shout.

The top ten most annoying leadership habits are:

  • lack of direction (32%);
  • being indecisive (21%);
  • never giving praise (21%);
  • micro-managing (20%);
  • never giving staff a pay rise or bonus (17%);
  • shouting (17%);
  • having favourites among staff (15%);
  • undermining staff work (14%);
  • throwing employees under the bus to protect themselves (12%);
  • being overpaid themselves (12%).

Darren Fell, ceo at Crunch Accounting, said "Our research highlights the role strong leadership plays in retaining quality staff, with employees ranking it as more impactful to their workplace happiness than factors like pay and stress. But bad bosses are clearly affecting productivity and wellbeing across the UK, and many people are looking to escape an unhappy work situation."

One in three of those polled said they had dreams of working for themselves and planned to turn a hobby into a profitable business in the future.

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