Top office life bugbears revealed

Pointless meetings and irritating colleagues are just some of the reasons that many office workers are thinking of working from home or even packing in the office job altogether.

A new survey by Crunch Accounting has identified the 50 most annoying things about working in an office.

Top of the list are crashing computers and slow internet. The temperature in the office and the state of the toilets are also in the top 20 list of complaints, along with pointless meetings and performance reviews.

But the most common gripes concern colleagues - from those that eat too loudly or interrupt when people are talking to those that suck up to the boss or deliberately make others look bad. There are also those that call in sick when they are well or come into work when they are contagious.

These everyday frustrations are driving as many as 54% of Brits to crave a new, alternative way of working. More than a quarter of people (26%) said it made them want to work remotely, while one in four (24%) said they wished they could become their own boss and 14% said they want to find a new job.

Darren Fell, ceo of Crunch Accounting, said: "It comes as little surprise to hear how frustrated Britain's employees are with the niggling bugbears of the modern corporate office. The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. When I got fed up with my 9-5 role, I handed in my resignation and started my first business. If you're considering starting your own business and being your own boss, then 2017 is the year to make it happen."

Here are the top ten gripes:

  • Crashing computers (27%)
  • Slow internet (25%)
  • Office gossip (24%)
  • Workplace too cold (24%)
  • Colleagues moaning (22%)
  • Eating loudly at desk (21%)
  • Pointless meetings (21%)
  • Colleagues making you look bad (19%)
  • Workplace too hot (19%)
  • Colleagues interrupting you (17%).
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