UK's happiest places to work revealed

Yorkshire and the Humber is the happiest place to work, according to a new survey of British workers.

Research into workplace happiness by Happiness Works for recruitment firm Robert Half has found that there are significant differences in levels of worker happiness across the UK.

The survey shows that employees in Yorkshire and the Humber are the happiest employees in Britain. Overall, 77% of those questioned in the region say they are happy at work, well above the national average of 63%.

People from Yorkshire and the Humber find their work more interesting (74%), get on with their team (88%), have good friends in the office (72%) and suffer less stress (38%).

Least happy are those in the South of England and Scotland. In the South, 17% of employees say they are unhappy at work and one in six say their work is not interesting. More than a quarter of those in the South (27%) don't have good friends in the office or don't get on with their teams and one in seven (14%) in Scotland feel the same.

Other key findings reveal:

  • Londoners have the most influence at work, but are the most stressed. Half of employees in the capital say they influence decision-making and 71% get a sense of accomplishment from their work, compared to a national average of 63%. However, 35% of Londoners say their job is stressful, higher than the national average of 31%.
  • More than half of those in Manchester, Liverpool and Lancaster feel valued by their employers but those in the East of England feel under-appreciated, with 28% of employees in cities like Peterborough, Cambridge and Norwich not feeling recognised for their efforts.
  • Only 59% of employees in the East feel they are treated fairly, below the national average of 67%.

A new report by Robert Half, The secrets of the happiest companies and employees, identifies six universal factors that directly affect employee happiness including positive work relationships, appreciation, fairness and empowerment.

  • Very happy with the service and provided in an honest manner so a credit to your profession.