Another blip with the HIP

Monday 19th January 2009

Lancashire law firm highlight the importance of using solicitors to compile HIPs.

Leading Lancashire law firm Marsden Rawsthorn is warning home sellers and buyers to be vigilant with Home Information Packs (HIPs), after the government raised the alarm that some rogue HIP providers are putting the wrong documents in the packs. Communities and Local Government (CLG), the body responsible for setting UK policy on housing issues...

...has expressed concern that some HIPs providers are using photocopies of compulsory documents, leading to sellers HIPs being rejected by the buyers solicitor and further delaying the sale.

The HIPs regulations 2007 make it clear that when compiling a HIP, official copies of Land Register records are required as evidence of title. The CLG has received reports of HIPs providers using Register Views photocopies - of the individual register and title plan which fall short of the legal requirement.

Richard Ainsworth, conveyancing specialist at Marsden Rawsthorn said, This news further underlines the importance of using a solicitor when buying or selling a home. Its obvious that some HIPs providers dont have the knowledge or the professional integrity to produce documentation to the correct standard. Ultimately, such documentation will not be worth the paper it is written on and will be thrown out by the buyers solicitor. Not only will the seller be out of pocket, but the resulting delay in the sale will have consequences for everyone involved.

Evidence of title is one of the compulsory documents required in a HIP. Copies of the official documents are available from the Land Registry. If there are errors in the register, the Land Registry will take responsibility for it. However, if Register Views are used, the Land Registry cannot be held responsible and no recompense can be obtained.

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