Facebook referenced in 1 in 5 divorces!

Tuesday 13th July 2010

facebook_131With 400 million active Facebook users, the possibility of reaching people through social networking sites is becoming increasingly simple. Social media websites provide many people with the perfect opportunity to reconnect with faces from their past, whether this be an old friend, long lost relative or an ex-partner.

With 50% of Facebook users over the age of 25, the prospect of connecting with an ex-partner is a becoming ever more likely, especially when one out of every six minutes online is spent on a social media website. Though the idea or reconnecting with the past seems harmless and is usually pursued with good intentions, it is not always advisable

The temptation of taking innocent conversation to the next level is one that appeals to many, as the latest statistics show. In recent months 1 out of 5 divorces have cited Facebook as reference in their divorce papers, the social media site is being labelled as a platform to end marriages.

Facebook features which allow users to message and chat in complete privacy are causing suspicion and jealousy amongst marriages it has been revealed. There have been several cases in recent months were couples have blamed Facebook for the degeneration of their marriage, and even one case were the wife found out about her divorce through a Facebook status update.

It is clear that social networking sites are increasingly having an impact on society and the way in which people are communicating. In a world where everything is fast becoming instantaneous and people expect immediate results the prospect of becoming divorced over the internet is frighteningly realistic.

Sahida Ahmed, a family law solicitor with Marsden Rawsthorn comments "The current statistics are indeed alarming and considering that one in three UK marriages currently ends in divorce, for 20% of these to be caused by social networking sites is worrying, particularly as they are increasing in popularity."

Has your life been affected by social media websites?

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