Government to review zero hours contracts should we be worried?

Thursday 11th July 2013

magnifysquare2_188Marsden Rawsthorn's employment law specialist James Bellamy, comments on zero hours contracts.

"Zero hours contracts can be invaluable to businesses whose work fluctuates in order to keep overheads as streamlined as possible.

The Government (Vince Cable) is worried that companies are abusing these type of contracts for their own benefits. At a time when the government is looking at getting more people into work there is a very good public policy reason not to ban these and so it is unlikely they will go that far.

As a compromise and to try and prevent abuse he may well look at putting safeguards in. One concern they have is that those who may not work for a month then do not get paid and do not show up on the unemployment statistics. One measure would be to ensure in those circumstances they would be entitled to some form of benefits.

So for now it looks like they may be here to stay which will please a lot of employers." Says James.

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