Employment Law Changes from April 2014

Friday 21st March 2014


  • Mandatory pre claim ACAS conciliation. Employees will have to submit details of any prospective claim to ACAS before they can proceed through to an Employment Tribunal. The conciliation will last for one month and only if that has been unsuccessful or if it has been refused by either party will the claimant be able to go to a tribunal.
  • Financial penalties for employers comes into force. Minimum of £100 or maximum of £5,000 will go into the governments coffers for unsuccessful defences of any claims. It is at the discretion of the judge to impose a fine and subject to the caps it will be 50% of any award made against the unsuccessful respondent.
  • Maximum amount of a weeks pay for redundancy payments and other awards increases from £450 to £464. This also increases the maximum amount of compensation for unfair dismissal to £76,574.
  • As of 7th March the maximum penalty for failing to pay minimum wage  has increased from £5,000 to £20,000. The government is also looking at changing legislation so that this fine applies to each employee underpaid.


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