News April 2017

  • Supreme Court Judgment sees Charities triumph in Will dispute

    New Supreme Court Judgment sees Charities triumph over the deceased’s daughter in a dispute over Will

  • How do I know if a Will is valid?

    After the death of a family member or loved one, it is very difficult to think about what will happen to their assets and whether they left a Will. It is even more difficult when you are provided with a Will that you were not aware of or feel unsure about and you may need advice about this.

  • What is a No Win No Fee Agreement?

    A Conditional Fee Agreement, more commonly known as a “No Win No Fee Agreement” is an agreement between you and your solicitor relating to your compensation claim. It effectively does what it says on the tin – if you do not win your case and receive compensation, you do not have to pay solicitor’s fees. You will be provided with the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) at the start of your case and you and your solicitor will both sign it.

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