News 2010

  • Beware of unregulated Will Writers!Beware of unregulated Will Writers!

    We welcomed the airing of BBC's Panorama "Wills: The Big Rip Off" on the 9th August 2010, which exposed some of the problems with Will Writers. Marsden Rawsthorn have for some time been warning about the dangers of using unregulated and unqualified Will Writers to prepare your will, and worst still execute probate.

    One the attractions of Will Writers is initially the cost seems very attractive. Often, as we saw in Panorama, initial fees quoted are low, in the example yesterday £60. However, once the salesperson visits, this is soon inflated as the Will Writers charge based on the number of clauses that are added, often these are unnecessary and can cause further problems if not they are not written correctly. Some examples we had dealt with include an instance where the client wished to exclude a family member from their will and the will writer used a generic term i.e. children rather than naming the individual beneficiaries. We have also seen examples where beneficiaries cannot be indentified as they are members of a class, for example, grandchildren whenever born, which would prevent distribution of the estate until no further grandchildren could possibly be born. Often tying up the estate for many years.

  • Facebook referenced in 1 in 5 divorces!Facebook referenced in 1 in 5 divorces!

    With 400 million active Facebook users, the possibility of reaching people through social networking sites is becoming increasingly simple. Social media websites provide many people with the perfect opportunity to reconnect with faces from their past, whether this be an old friend, long lost relative or an ex-partner.

    With 50% of Facebook users over the age of 25, the prospect of connecting with an ex-partner is a becoming ever more likely, especially when one out of every six minutes online is spent on a social media website. Though the idea or reconnecting with the past seems harmless and is usually pursued with good intentions, it is not always advisable...

  • Marsden Rawsthorn Opens The Regeneration of Preston DiscussionMarsden Rawsthorn Opens The Regeneration of Preston Discussion

    Local businessmen and women were treated to a discussion on the impact and implications of the regeneration of Preston as part of Lancashire Business Week organised by Downtown in Business.

    The second in a series of events was opened by Stephen Hodgson, a Chief Executive here at Marsden Rawsthorn Solicitors. A Preston man, through and through, Stephen commented on the history and assets of the City and how he believes proposals for regeneration should be made local, considering the needs of those in and around the city itself.

  • Fit for work or not fit for work, that is the question!Fit for work or not fit for work, that is the question!

    The new 'Fit Note' forms were introduced on 6th April 2010. The main aim was to emphasise what employees can do, not what they can't do, and to reduce the number of people off work. Whilst it is still early days, a number of problems appear to have surfaced with them already...

  • The help and assistance I received from all members of Marsden Rawthorns staff was excellent