News 2011

  • Why Sharing Your Office to Save Money Can Cost You Your Business!Why Sharing Your Office to Save Money Can Cost You Your Business!

    Despite a weak economy there seems to be a number of optimists riding out the economic storm by simply cutting overheads. In an attempt to reduce costs, many businesses are choosing to underlet their leased properties, however what seems to be a straightforward cost effective decision can lead to extreme consequences. In a simple underletting, you in effect give occupation of a property to a third party who pays you a rent, whilst you also continue to pay rent to your Landlord.

    Solicitor, Laura Hallett at Marsden Rawsthorn Solicitors explains that there is strict compliance with terms of leases when underletting, therefore good preparation is essential. Tenants should ensure that they consider their leases (and any supplementary documentation) carefully and liaise with their solicitors accordingly.

  • Grandparents Rights to AccessGrandparents Rights to Access

    It is almost certainly the case that many grandparents today play a fundamentally different role to that played by their own grandparents when they were children. Society has changed radically, and irrevocably, in ways which impact upon the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren in modern society, especially in two main areas.

    Firstly, it is now the norm for the greater majority of mothers to work at least part time (indeed, part of the last Labour Governments impetus, in terms of the family, was to make it easier for that to happen by the provision of better day care through nursery placements, albeit there is plenty of psychological argument that this may have been misconceived) which has led to an increasing role of grandparents as front line back up day carers.

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