News 2013

  • Marsden Rawsthorn receives National Property Accreditation

    Marsden Rawsthorn is the latest to be enrolled onto a national property scheme that sets quality standards for residential conveyancers and helps to deter fraud.

    We are pleased to announce our firm has become the latest firm to be accepted onto the Law Societys Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS). This is a recognised quality mark for legal experts involved in the buying or selling of property, trusted by some of the UK's biggest lenders such as HSBC, Santander, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank.

  • Redundancy - Implied terms granting enhanced paymentsRedundancy - Implied terms granting enhanced payments

    A recent Court of Appeal decision has said that previous conduct by an employer may mean that there is an implied term in the employees contracts entitling them to enhanced redundancy payments.

    This reasoning can of course apply to any term not just in the case of redundancies. What the Court of Appeal said was that in deciding whether a term has been implied, the tribunal must examine the intention of the employer objectively. It is not whether the employer actually intended to be bound, but whether the employer's conduct, viewed objectively, conveyed to the employee that the employer intended to be bound.

  • Gross Misconduct - Does it always entitle the employer to dismiss?Gross Misconduct - Does it always entitle the employer to dismiss?

    Possibly not. A recent case has just been before the Employment Appeals Tribunal that says that the decision to dismiss even where the employee had been found guilty of gross misconduct is not always a reasonable sanction.

  • Dealing with work absence  what are your rights?Dealing with work absence what are your rights?

    Despite the average number of days being taken off sick per employee dropping to an average of 5.3 days in 2012, workplace absence remains a major problem for businesses across the UK and costs the economy more than £14bn each year.

    Our employment law specialist James Bellamy comments on workplace abence.

    Businesses are well within their right to take a tough stance when it comes to workplace absence. Especially with regard to those that try to take advantage of the system and their overgenerous employers, rather than the rest of us who stay at home only when we are genuinely unwell.

  • Very happy with the service and provided in an honest manner so a credit to your profession.