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  • Wildlife Art Fundraiser for Manchester

    Following the recent devastation in Manchester which has deeply affected us all, Marsden Rawsthorn are proud to support a fundraising effort for the families of the victims involved. Donations can be made to receive a free pet/animal portrait, oil or canvas, usually priced at £300. Sarah Stribbling is a wildlife and pet portrait artist from Lancashire and specialises in highly detailed oil paintings and pencil drawings. Sarah’s work is sold worldwide and she has been a finalist in the David Shepherd wildlife artist of the year awards.

  • Are new properties being sold with a leasehold trap for their owners?

    Many of the new houses being built by developers are being sold as long leases (leases of longer than 21 years), with the promise that a house buyer might buy the freehold 2 years down the line for a minor sum of approximately 15% of the premium value of the freehold. But are these promises being kept?

  • Katie Hopkins ordered to pay libel compensation. Twitter users beware!

    It has been widely publicised that the opinionated and often controversial columnist, Katie Hopkins, has recently been ordered by the High Court to pay damages of £24,000 for libel, plus legal costs of £107,000. Jack Monroe is a writer and columnist and was the subject of tweets posted by Hopkins on Twitter in May 2015, which accused Monroe of vandalising a war memorial.

  • St Catherine's Dying Matter's May 2017

    Karen, Helen and Rebecca from Marsden Rawsthorn joined St Catherine's Hospice, local community workers, primary healthcare teams and more, to take the conversation into the heart of the community of Leyland. You may have seen them travelling between Leyland and Preston on a green, vintage Fishwick's bus, on Friday 12th May 2017.

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  • Direct line to the person involved eased the process. Dealing with any monies were quickly administered.