Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence

Often in our lives we receive professional advice. We place our trust in professional people to provide us with the benefit of their expertise. While no professional can be expected to provide the perfect answer, when professional advice falls short of the standard expected, a claim for compensation may be due.

If you’re a victim of a professional’s negligence and as a consequence have suffered financial loss which you cannot recover in any other way, you may have a claim for compensation arising from the professional negligence.

Seeking legal support 

Many people find questioning a professional that they have entrusted to act on their behalf can be a very uncomfortable experience. Raising issues in relation to their advice and services – where they are expected to be the expert and you are not – can be a very stressful situation.

Marsden Rawsthorn can discuss your situation and can offer advice about any negligence you feel you’ve suffered from a trusted professional. We will provide you with clear, straight forward advice to ensure that the best course of action is taken to gain a satisfactory and reasonable outcome.

Area of professional negligence may include:

  • Solicitors – missing time limits, making errors in conveyancing or incorrect preparation of a will or in the administration of an estate.
  • Architects – in presenting and allowing design flaws.
  • Accountants – missing deadlines for filing of tax returns on your behalf, failing to detect fraud and the mis-management of accounts.
  • Engineers – providing flawed designs
  • Surveyors – failing to identify building defects
  • Insurance Brokers – failing to obtain insurance cover for the risks you had identified

Contact us

If you believe professional advice that you have received has fallen short of your expectation, or you feel that you are a victim of professional negligence, contact us. We can discuss your issues and determine whether you’re entitled to compensation. We aim to provide our advice in clear and straightforward terms – as we would when making any compensation claim on your behalf.

Marsden Rawsthorn is also in a position to review the funding of your case – often there may be several options available. In certain cases we may be able to work for you at no cost to you by claiming the legal fees from a third party.

For a free no obligation meeting to discuss your situation please contact our dispute resolution team on 0800 294 4410.

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