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Your rental property is an investment and it is important to ensure it yields you a regular income. A non-paying tenant can have drastic effects on your cash flow.

Whether your tenent is in default of the tenancy agreement by not paying rent (or via other breaches) or you just wish to obtain vacant possession, there is a statutory procedure for evicting the tenant which must be followed.

Possession Claims – how we can help

Should you need to evict a tenant, we can advise and help in a number of ways. If your tenant is in more than 8 weeks of arrears we can serve a 2 week (Section 8) Notice. If the arrears are less or there are no arrears we can serve an 8 week (Section 21) Notice.

If the tenant does not leave after the Notice expires we can issue and serve court proceedings to obtain a possession order from the court which, if necessary, can be enforced by a court bailiff.

A word on Deposits

The new regulations surrounding tenancy deposits are complex and surprisingly strict. The law requires all landlords in receipt of a deposit to secure it within a Government approved scheme. Failure to do so or to serve to correct prosecuted information concerning that scheme has a two-fold effect.

  1. Your tenant can sue you and the court will order compensation to the tenant along with the refund of the deposit.
  2. Until you have complied you cannot serve a Section 21 Notice upon the tenant making it much more difficult to obtain vacant possession of your property.

These rules apply even if the tenancy has ended, or if it began before the rules came into place and even if your tenant is in arrears.

Further advice

The residential landlord and tenant team at Marsden Rawsthorn deal with all matters relating to property including:

  • Drawing up or advising on Tenancy Agreements
  • Obtaining possession of premises
  • Advice in relation to Deposit Protection Schemes
  • Recovery of rent arrears

Marsden Rawsthorn can provide practical, straightforward advice to ensure you are well equipped to act quickly to resolve your landlord and tenant matters plus reducing as much as possible the amount of time your property may not be earning you money.

We can carry out the Notice and eviction process in a streamlined manner, offering fixed fees for Notices and Possession claims. Our fees are clear and transparent, meaning you won't be left worring about a growing legal bill.

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Marsden Rawsthorn offers a complete service with extensive experience in dispute resolution. Recommended by the Leasehold Advisory Service, our dispute and conveyancing advisors work together to resolve any residential landlord and tenant issues in a professional and cost effective manner.

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