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Wills, Probate & Lasting Powers Of Attorney

Probate/Administration of Estates

When you draw up a will, it will include one or more named executors. Upon death the executor/s will become responsible for the administration of the estate, this can be both daunting and emotional, but also time consuming. If the deceased did not leave a will, it falls to the next of kin to administer the estate.

We can advise you on whether a Grant of Probate is required, the process involved, letters of administration, prepare the Inheritance Tax account and Oath for Executors.

We offer competitive fixed fees for our “Grant Only” Service in which you value the estate and we complete the forms.

If the estate is valuable and inheritance tax is likely to be payable, there are any questions or queries over the validity of the will, underage children or any family trusts involved or you have reason to believe the will could be contested, our services can be adapted according to the complexity of your matter and the level of advice and support you need.

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