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Thank you for your conveyancing enquiry. The legal fees for the transaction are listed below and a copy of this quote has been emailed to you.

Solicitors Fees
Official Copy Entries
Telegraphic Transfer Fee
*ID Fee (£10 per Seller)

All costs are inclusive of VAT where appropriate

Additional Fees and Disbursements:


Where your property is subject to a mortgage or other secured borrowing an additional fee of £50 plus VAT will apply (per mortgage lender) in respect of dealing with the redemption and discharge of the mortgage

Leasehold properties and Freehold properties with Management Company

If your property is a Leasehold flat, or a Freehold or Leasehold house on an estate which has common areas managed by a Management Company, additional work will be needed to liaise with the Management Company (and Freeholder) to obtain information and advise you on the implications. An additional fee of £150 plus VAT will apply.

Please note that on purchase of such a property, the Landlord and/or Management Company will require notice of your purchase and they may charge fees in relation to accepting and administering this notice.

* Additional documents may be required from Land Registry depending on what is referred to in the title of your property. Each document usually cost £3.

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