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Thank you for your conveyancing enquiry. The legal fees for the transaction are listed below and a copy of this quote has been emailed to you.

Solicitors Fees
ID Fee (£10 per Purchaser)
Telegraphic Transfer Fees
SDLT Return Fee (chargeable on £40K & over)
Purchase Disbursements
Searches (approximately) *
Lawyer Checker Free
Bankruptcy Search (per name)
Chancel Indemnity
HMLR Search
Land Registration Fee***
Stamp Duty (only applies for £125K+)

All costs are inclusive of VAT where appropriate

Additional Fees which may apply:

Acting for your mortgage lender

If you are buying with the aid of a mortgage, your lender is likely to ask us to act on their behalf in securing a charge over the property. An additional fee of £115 plus VAT will apply (payable by you).

Leasehold properties and Freehold properties with Management Company

If your property is a Leasehold flat, or a Freehold or Leasehold house on an estate which has common areas managed by a Management Company, additional work will be needed to liaise with the Management Company (and Freeholder) to obtain information and advise you on the implications. An additional fee of £150 plus VAT will apply.

Please note that on purchase of such a property, the Landlord and/or Management Company will require notice of your purchase and they may charge fees in relation to accepting and administering this notice.

Help to Buy

If you are obtaining funding from the Help To Buy scheme towards your purchase an additional fee of £95 plus VAT will apply to the additional work in arranging this charge over the property. (This additional fee applies to Help to Buy mortgages only and does not apply to Help to Buy ISA Bonus payments).

New Build Properties

If you are purchasing a property which is in the course of construction or is newly constructed, the developer is likely to require that you meet their plans and documents fees. This is not a supplementary charge made by us, however is payable to the developer or their solicitor (together with the completion monies). These costs are typically between £100 and £200 but are set by the developer in each case.


Do please note that if additional disbursements are found to be required for e.g. (specialist searches based on locality) during the course of the transaction, we will advise you appropriately.

* We would advise that in all purchases, necessary searches are undertaken. These include, where applicable, Local, Drainage and Water, Environmental, Flood Risk, Mining and Radon searches. If you are buying with a mortgage, your lender will require all relevant searches to be undertaken.

** We have based this figure on information you have provided as to whether you hold any other property. Rules surrounding the rate of Stamp Duty Land Tax applicable are complex and your lawyer may need to discuss the rate applicable with you in more detail.

*** The Land Registration Fee quoted above reflects applications submitted online. Should it become apparent that the property you are purchasing is unregistered or a newly built property the fee will increase by at least 100% (where Leasehold dependant upon the premium and ground rent) as Land Registry do not permit these type of applications to be submitted electronically.

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