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School holidays and separated parents

The sun is shining and the school holidays have finally begun.
Children are looking forward to the summer ahead. But for many separated parents, the school holidays can be an extremely stressful period, especially if there is a dispute as to the arrangements for their children.
Such a dispute can cause conflict to arise and tensions to mount.

Court invention

If you and your former partner are unable to agree as to how much time your children should spend with each parent (either generally or during the school holidays), then it may be necessary for you to seek the intervention of the Court.
A Child Arrangements Order would be applied for.
A Child Arrangements Order stipulates who the children live with. It also details the amount of time children spend with the other parent.
It can also make provision for the arrangements during the school holidays, and other forms of contact such as FaceTime.

Alleviate stress 

Having a Child Arrangements Order in place provides separated parents with peace of mind and certainty.
This helps to alleviate any stress or worries they may have.
Before an application can be made to the Court for a Child Arrangements Order, it may be necessary for a referral to Mediation to be made.
This would decide whether you and your former partner can resolve the dispute with the assistance of a trained and impartial Mediator.
If however this is not possible, it is likely that an application for a Child Arrangements Order will be required.

Here to help

If you require specialist advice regarding the arrangements for your children, contact our Family Team on 01772 799621.
Article written by Lauren Townson, from the Family Law Team

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