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Types of Attorney Disputes

Also known as lawyer disputes or attorney-client disputes, they are conflicts or disagreements that arise between lawyers or lawyers and their clients. These disputes can arise at various stages of the attorney-client relationship and can involve a range of issues. Here are some common types;

  • Fee disputes: These occur when a client and their attorney disagree over the number of legal fees owed or the reasonableness of the fees charged.
  • Ethics violations: Attorneys are bound by professional ethics rules that require them to act in the best interests of their clients and maintain a high level of professionalism. Ethics disputes can arise when an attorney is accused of violating these rules.
  • Malpractice claims: Clients may file malpractice claims against their attorneys if they believe their attorney’s negligence or incompetence caused them harm or financial loss.
  • Withdrawal from representation: Disputes may arise when an attorney seeks to withdraw from representing a client, especially if it occurs at a critical stage of the legal process or without sufficient notice or explanation.
  • Disputes over legal strategy or representation: Clients may disagree with their attorney’s legal strategy or the way their case is being handled.
  • Disputes between attorneys: Lawyers may disagree over legal issues, strategy, or fees in cases where they are working together or opposing each other.
  • Conflicts of interest: When lawyers fail to disclose information to a client that could put their legal services at odds with personal benefit to themselves or their law firm.

Attorney disputes can be complex and may require resolution through negotiation, mediation, or, in some cases, legal action. It is advisable to consult with an attorney from a law firm other than the one your disagreement is with.

Contact us about settling your dispute with your attorney. To learn more about how our Dispute resolution team can help you make the right decisions for you and your family, please call 0800 294 4410, email or contact us.

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