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Dealing with a commercial property dispute is always a stressful matter and can distract you from other areas of your business until the dispute is resolved. We try to resolve all disputes quickly and effectively either by way of negotiation, mediation or litigation. We act firmly but in a manner which avoids making a difficult situation worse. We cover a wide range of areas including:

  • Lease renewals from notices to proceedings to determine the right to refuse renewal or the correct lease terms.
  • Enforcement of arrears of rent, service charge and insurance.
  • Dilapidations – advice regarding tenants repairing obligations and the enforcement options following a breach, bringing or defending a claim for disrepair, use of ‘self-help’.
  • Breaches of other lease terms such as – repair, unauthorized assignment, sub-letting or use.
  • Enforcement of breaches of the lease such as – forfeiture/remedy notices, court proceedings (including injunction proceedings).
  • Disputes concerning agricultural holdings and farm business tenancies including notices and evictions.
  • Disputes as to the validity of restrictive covenants on land.
  • Disputes in relation to option agreements, pre-emption agreements and conditional contracts.
  • Contesting an overage or clawback provision.
  • Applications relating to the unreasonableness of a landlord’s refusal of consent to a subletting or assignment.
  • Break clauses – service of notices, advice as to validity and disputes as to compliance with the terms of a break clause.

We can also deal with

  • Rent reviews
  • Boundary disputes
  • Adverse possession
  • Nuisance / trespass claims

See also our further information on the following

  • Forfeiture of the lease
  • Arrears of rent
  • Applications for a new tenancy
  • Breaches of repairing covenant
  • A claim for dilapidations
  • Distress
  • An order for possession

Enfranchisement services

We represent management companies and landlords of long leasehold residential properties when faced with notices by their tenants to purchase the freehold or extend the lease. See our page on Enfranchisement Services for further information.

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With new cases arising all the time in this area, we can keep you up-to-date on relevant matters relating to commercial property. Marsden Rawsthorn can assist you at all stages of the process, irrespective of your location, with the creation of a nominee purchaser, registration of rights against the landlord’s title and assigning the rights of a lease extension to a purchaser of the leasehold interest.

To learn more about how our Disputes and Debts team can help you make the right decisions for your business please call 0800 294 4410 or email

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