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The fuel crisis: Advice for employers

UK drivers face the prospect of yet more epic waits at fuel stations. So, we thought we’d share some advice for employers whose staff will be commuting.

Public transport

You could ask employees to take public transport if it’s feasible but ultimately, staff are responsible for the way they get to work. This includes if it takes longer or costs more. However, you may choose to assist with costs for this.

It’s important to note that staff who’ve been working at home during lockdown will expect you to be flexible. Take a pragmatic approach to ensure good will in the workplace.

Making appointments

For employees who drive to appointments or to see clients, you would normally be expected to cover the costs. For those employees having difficulty in obtaining fuel, you should consider what other ways they can attend the appointments such as virtual appointments, public transport or car sharing and how you can assist them.

Our Employment Law Team on the fuel crisis

Lisa Clark from our Employment Law Team added: “The fuel shortage should only be a temporary problem until normal buying patterns resume. Generally, if an employee fails to turn up to work they could face disciplinary action but such action may not be reasonable in the circumstances.

“Many employers will already have policies in place setting out their procedures for attending work/travelling during bad weather conditions, employers may consider using similar policies during the petrol crisis.

“Employers should plan for this situation to happen again and plan with staff ahead of time.”

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