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Top tips for a smooth house move

Top tips for a smooth house move

Moving house can be stressful but the more prepared you are the better.

On completion day, you will be able to collect the keys to your new home from the estate agent once your sellers’ solicitor has confirmed that the purchase money has been received.

This can be quite late on in the day if you are in a chain or the banks are busy.

Making sure you are organised will help you settle in more quickly once you do have the keys.

Book a removal van

To do it yourself or not… that is the question.

Ideally you should speak to and provisionally book a removal company (if you want to use one) to check there is availability for your chosen day. Then you need to decide whether you want to sit back while someone wraps and packs all your stuff, or whether you want to pack boxes yourself and simply have someone move it all.

Label your boxes clearly with the rooms they are going to.

It’s always useful to have an essentials box packed for your kitchen with some plates and cutlery, and mugs per person in the house that you can easily find!

As soon as contracts have been exchanged start packing those boxes! The best way to pack is room by room so nothing is missed. It’s also a great time to have a clear-out – no point packing things you haven’t used since you last moved house.

If you have space, you could put bedding and night clothes in your car as well to make sure that they are easily to hand in case your completion is later in the day.

Contact suppliers 

Let your utility companies know you are moving ahead of time. Some broadband providers require a month to get things set up in your new home.

You will need to provide details of your change of address to your utility companies, including energy providers, phone and broadband suppliers, to minimise disruption.

You need to think about your utility suppliers for the property you’re moving from and the one you’re moving to.

You will need to ask for final bills from the suppliers at the property you’re moving from and make sure that you read the meters before you leave your old home. You should take a reading as soon as you move into your new home.

Don’t forget you may also have magazine subscriptions or deliveries that you don’t need any more so remember to cancel these too.

Arrange child and pet care 

Moving with young children and/or pets is twice as hard. Wherever possible, arrange for them to spend the day elsewhere. The chaos of moving can be unsettling for children, not to mention them getting in the way of heavy items being lifted across the house and downstairs. If you have small children, prioritise their bedrooms so that they do not have to stay up late.

Here to help

If you are thinking of buying or selling a property, speak to our Residential Property Team today on 01772 799 600.

Article by licensed conveyancer, Jenni Shoreman.

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